Arte Suave Jiu Jitsu Gear




  • 100% cotton Gi
  • GI top is 350g Pearlweave
  • GI pants Rip-Stop
  • Premium quality Pearlweave with grey contrast stitching
  • Dark Grey stretchy cord
  • Dark Grey Trims
  • Mouthguard pocket
  • Breathable lining


Cost & Delivery

Adult R2,000.00

Kids R1,500.00


Please note that the Gi’s will shrink an average of 3cm over time in cold wash.

Hot wash will shrink the Gi’s up to 5cm.




Kids White R130.00

Kids Colour R150.00

Adult White R150.00

Adult Colour R230.00





Wet & Dry Duffle –



NOTE: Delivery charges will apply for Belts and Bags R99.00 up to 5Kg’s.

Arte Suave Lydenburg

And then there were 7.

We are very happy to announce that Arte Suave Lydenburg has opened under coach Isak Lombard.

Sakkie has been with House of Tinkerbell for and number of years and Arte Suave for the past two years and not only has he progressed in his  ability to coach but he has become an incredible Jiu-juitsero and formidable blue belt.

With the support of HOT Head coach JP Kruger and Arte Suave Head coach Huntley Smith, “Sakkie” will be providing MMA and BJJ for kids and adults.

We are very proud to have him as a coach and we wish him all the best.




Arte Suave Apparel 2017

The costs indicated below are only for Arte Suave students.

Should you want to place an order please direct message Huntley Smith.

Items have a lead time of 5-8 working days

Please pay attention to the notes section of the costing.

Arte Suave Alberton

Arte Suave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is very proud to announce the addition of Arte Suave Alberton to the Family.

Arte Suave Alberton is lead by coach Malcolm MacMillan.

Malcolm is a purple belt and a walking bjj library (read BJJ Nerd) and we we love him for it.

Arte Suave Alberton is based in the Alberton Wrestling Haul and has an awesome group of students including a host of purple and blue belts.

What excites us most about our new affiliate is the shared passion for BJJ and shared club values.